Analyzing Business Needs

Which tool supports validation of the requirements process?
A responsibility matrix

What statement about traceability is TRUE?
It gives the ability to track requirements

You are working out the release planning schedule for the requirements of your project. What is the most important factor to keep in mind for release planning?
Prioritize requirements by feasibility and value

Which of these situation statements is formatted correctly?
The problem has effect of [x]resulting impact of [y]

You are looking to hire a business analyst. You are specifically looking for someone with industry experience and who understands the culture and political environment of a large company. Which skillset are you most likely focusing on?
Business Acumen

Your customer has informed you of a project change they want to implement. Since this change will have a profound impact on the project, approval may need to come from the
Change control board

Elicitation is an iterative process. At what point(s) in a project should you conduct an elicitation analysis?
During the needs assessment and as soon as project is initiated

Requirements have been gathered, the development team has produced a final product, and clients are now using the product. You are in _ and the most important factor to keep in mind is _.
Implementation planning/the acceptance of the change needs to be continually evaluated

The development team has developed a set of requirements. Now, the results need to be verified. Who has responsibility for planning the testing activities, such as test scripts and test data?
The business analyst

What is the relationship between stakeholders and business analysts?
Business Analyst must be able to identify relevant stakeholders and their needs

Which planning phase ensures the long-term success of your product once it’s handed over to the client?
Transition planning

Outcome focused teams produce lots of feature that are focused on
Business outcomes and customer delight


What is the relationship between stakeholders and business analysts?
Business Analyst must be able to identify relevant stakeholders and their needs

A characteristic of light weight modeling is hen teams document
Only what and when is needed.

Acceptance criteria helps the team define what success looks like from the perspective of
the user

Using the principles of the Agile Manifesto, how can a BA most effectively convey information?
face-to-face conversations.

A big part of the Product Owner and BA roles is to eliminate 
backlog items that don’t provide value

What strategy of item might a team use to slice user stories?
user role or persona

The level of detail in the backlog is defined , and at the last responsible moment.
just in time

How often should a BA and PO work together with the team on the backlog to facilitate value?
as often as possible, daily or many times in a day

What is the main goal of experiment?

What should a BA hope to accomplish when meeting with the iteration lead and developer face to face?
Gain a shared understanding of customer needs and the developers concerns.

When creating a product decomposition map, whose point of view about functions/features should you focus on?

In regards to requirements, BA needs to expect and look for it.

What are some commonly used context techniques used by BAs to provide a big picture view?
Context Diagrams, Story Maps, Process Models.

Productivity is important for BAs to consider when.
using stakeholders time, BAs need to use others time efficiently and be prepared.

Fostering creativity in others is an important part of the BA role so that
teams get to innovative and thoughtful alternatives to solve problems adding more value for customers.

For great analysis results, BAs need to understand and analyze the linkages between
process, rules, and data

what are the key indicators of Business Acumen?
understand the industry and market; understand the context your organization operates in; understand how your work aligns to the larger goals.

What does co-creating involve?
all of these answers

What is a key role BA plays?
Facilitate the decision making process.

Innovation for BA is about.
making sure that what we implement is useful and inspires innovation thinking in others.

What does a good meeting purpose describe?
why the meeting is needed and what outcome the facilitator is looking to achieve

visual communication in requirements.
is a key part to successful requirements conversations and documentation

Curiosity is a skill that
can be developed

Verbal communication may not help
ensure that stakeholders have a visual understanding of what is written.

When is modeling requirements information generally not helpful?
To get users to understand the detailed inner workings of a system so that they can better give us specification level detail to write requirements for.

When forming a hypothesis, what should you do?
Focus on the capability, outcome and measurement.

What capability can determine patterns and logic from large amount of data without being explicitly told how?
machine learning

Digital transformations and agile approaches.
have a lot in common and go hand in hand

This capability can help organizations track transactions better to prevent fraud and keep data more secure.

Using a thumbprint to log into an app on your phone is an example of

When should Chatbot and Virtual Agents to be considered?
anytime a customer needs to interact or have a conversation with the organizations

What is RPA?(Robotic Process Automation)?
the process of mimicking the work humans do, using a machine

What are some differences in requirement work for digital transformations compared to traditional requirements work?
Use Hypotheses and Experiments, plus Outcome Focus.

Defining measurements of success is critical to
keeping your focus on the outcomes.

How do customer journey map help a team?
They help the team see the whole of the user experience and their emotions

What’s an effective way to keep up with bias, ethical challenges, and data quality issues?
Monitor the results continuously.

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