uname -r

using this command you can retrieve the information related to the Linux/Unix Kernel



pwdx pid:this command will give you the present working directory in which the process resides.

In case you want to kill or stop any running process then before killing the same note down the path using the pwdx pid, then you can start the process using the path returned by pwdx pid command.

whoami: this command will show you the logged in user.

ps -ef 

ps -ef| grep processname

ps -ef | grep java for java processes

similarly for any running processes the grep can be used to identify the list of running processes.

top command will list all the processes which are consuming high resources, using the id presented by top command you can stop
or manage the processes accordingly.

rm -rf file

This is a very powerful command and can delete anything, so be careful and think twice before using this command.

kill -9 pid
If you are not able to kill the process using your id, then login as root and kill the process.
or next time start the process using your id.Check what is the permission for your user on that process.
Better to give chmod 775 or 755 processname.

program &

this is also called daemon process which will keep on running even if you logout of the terminal.

grep i “text to be searched” -i is used for ignore case
grep -r “text” directory

locate filename
find . -name  filename(starting from . current location)

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