Storing with Cloud

Cloud storage providers, such as Dropbox, Box, and Amazon Web Services (AWS), use which type of storage system?

When would you use block storage instead of object storage?
When setting up a virtual machine

What is the last step in creating a Linux file system from an EC2 instance?
Running the mount command

What is the most common pain point for IT managers and professionals?
Managing storage growth

If you have a large amount of data to upload to AWS, you can transfer the data to a(n) _ and ship it to Amazon for upload.

What is an example of unstructured data?
Multimedia content

What is an advantage of using cloud storage?
Cloud storage provides as-is storage, instead of anticipated storage

Why is cloud storage beneficial for a business that needs to store a large amount of data?
The amount of storage expands and contracts as needed

When planning to move into cloud computing, make sure you have a viable plan that spans at least _.
3 years

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